OtterBox Utility Latch II with Accessory Kit 10" - Black

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You chose the Utility Latch II with Accessory Kit 10" - Black to protect your tablet, what else could you need? How about a handy set of straps that makes carrying and using the iPad even easier? The Utility Latch II with Accessory Kit 10" - Black carrying case is perfect for holding the tablet while working, giving a presentation or teaching a class. This accessory easily attaches to your iPad protected by a Defender Series case with stretchy corner hooks. The hand strap is padded, adjusts to varying hand sizes and rotates to accommodate portrait or landscape viewing. An optional accessories bag contains an additional s-biner, leg strap and neck strap. This iPad carrying case is the ultimate utility accessory to use on your tablet for any activity or work situation.

  • Versatile set of straps makes up this 10" tablet carrying case
  • Extends how you use you iPad for work or play
  • Adds multiple carrying and tethering options
  • Engineered to work with most 10” tablets protected by a Defender Series case
  • High-quality construction for long-term, convenient use


  • Rotating hand strap accommodates portrait and landscape viewing
  • Adjustable hand strap is padded for a comfortable fit
  • Synthetic rubber corner straps are designed for increased durability
  • Optional accessory bag with leg strap, S-biner and neck strap allow for convenient storage and acts as a tablet stand


  • Velcro
  • Polyester
  • Hypalon synthetic rubber
Product Dimensions:
254 x 254 x 254 mm
Product Weight:
226.8 g
Packaging Weight:
445 g